Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weeks 5 to 7!

By Week 5, the pressure was building up and the first assignments started piling up! Have a look at what the timetable for Week 5 was like:

Do you see the yellow boxes on Friday o7 November? Well this is when we were introduced to our first WAC - Written Assessment of a Case! WACs are a bit of a tradition at Cranfield SoM... They are also quite stressful and surprisingly hard! If someone tells you that you have a bit over 24 hours to write 1500 words on a given topic that doesn't sound too hard, does it? Believe me, WACs are the longest 1500 word you'll ever write. It is a great learning experience though! And then it's off to a kitchen party somewhere on Campus...

During Weeks 6 & 7 the pressure was on, since there were two assignments due and yet another WAC - this time an accounting one! We submitted our Marketing and SDS reports, only to then start working on the Accounting WAC! It has certainly been a tough couple of weeks!

Tomorrow (Monday 24 November) we'll be starting Week 8 by delivering a 15 minute presentation (followed by questions, of course!) on the Strategic Marketing Success of the Toyota Prius - part of our Marketing assignment.

Wish me luck!

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