Thursday, November 6, 2008

Orientation Week

It all started on the Sunday night- we had an informal drinks party at the School of Management and it was a great chance to mingle and meet all my fellow students and their partners and children. There were literally students from every corner of the earth and I started to realize just what an exciting experience this year was going to be. We also met our orienteers who were MBA students who had just completed their course. (Last year's Australian Alumni Scholarship winner, Sarah Nicholson was one of them!) They were the best source of advice and knowledge you could ever want – and that wasn’t their only talent, as we would soon find out!

During Orientation week the entire class of 120 was split into 3 streams and then divided into learning teams with 6 people. These would be the people who you worked with each day for the first and possibly second term.

As orientation week rolled out I was surprised at just how much activity and information we were exposed to. Our week was fully scheduled with sports activities, intoduction lectures and ofcourse plenty of social activities. My partner Davina was also kept busy all week going to plenty of partners activities.

The culmination of Orientation week was Cabaret Night when each stream presented a cabaret performance for everyone else. Some people revealed their inner musicians and scriptwriters while others revealed their inner cross dresser! It was really something!

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