Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arriving in the UK

I arrived in London about 1 week before Orientation week and as my partner was not yet in the country I decided to try and get as many things set up for us as I could before she arrived. I was staying with a friend in London so I went about purchasing phones for us, buying a cheap second hand car (pretty handy when you live at Cranfield - middle of nowhere), got car insurance and tax, I opened a bank account and tried to do all those annoying little things. Etc, etc..

When Davina finally landed at Heathrow we made some final purchases in London (bedding, linen, towels that kind of thing) and packed up our new (old) car and drove up to Cranfiled. Her flight was also half-sponsored by Virgin Atlantic - we both flew Premium Economy (former business class seats!) which was pretty nice! Thanks Virgin Atlantic!
It was a gorgeous sunny day and it was great to see all the beautiful country side on the drive into the university. We arrived on Campus on the Saturday before Orientation week was to begin and we moved into our accommodation straight away. At first glimpse we thought our flat at Fedden House was rather small and sparse but we have since made it our own after a few trips to Marks & Spencer and Ikea!! We later found out how lucky we were that we have a proper shower head – apparently that’s a luxury and most of the flats come with just a bath! (it pays to get your housing forms in early and be nice to the housing officer!!)

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