Thursday, November 6, 2008

Preparing to move to the UK

My partner and I then had to undertake the Visa application process. Because we are not married it made the whole thing a little more difficult but had we not been given dodgy advice the whole process would probably have been a whole lot smoother. I received my Visa 6 weeks before I planned to leave Australia to fly to England, however my partner’s visa was initially refused as she had not applied for the correct type of visa.

Most Australians will need a visa to live and study in the UK. For more info check out:

She then had to reapply for a different type of visa (she had to apply for the working holiday visa). There were a few tense moments when I though that I may be moving to England alone but in the end it was all ok. I had to fly without her as her visa had been granted but still not returned to her with her passport in time for our flight. She had to push her flight back a few days and she ended up receiving her Passport back with the visa with less than 48 hours to spare before her flight! That’s what I call cutting it close!

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