Thursday, October 23, 2008

Applying for the Scholarship

I first found out about the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship (CAAS) back in April 2007, a couple of days before the cut-off date for applications. I had not yet sat the GMAT exam so I decided that I would wait till the following year and apply then.

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission test and it is one of the things Business Schools take into consideration when assessing applications. It is an internationally excepted test and its official website for further information is .

I sat for the GMAT in January 2008 and after completing the exam I sat nervously awaiting for my final score….. It came out as 600 the bare minimum Cranfield would accept (I later learned this meant I was really efficient with my study efforts!) This made me a little concerened but I decided I had to apply with this result as I couldn't afford the fee to re-sit the exam. So I filled in all the application requirements for Cranfield (which involved my GMAT score, an application form and a number of essays) and emailed them off. I was then interviewed via phone by Sean Rickard (Director of Cranfield MBA Program). After a few weeks I got the response to say that I had been accepted to Cranfield! This was great news on its own however I was never going to be able to pay for this course on my own so I was really pinning all my hopes on winning the Australian Alumni scholarship to help me achieve my MBA goal!

I then went through the whole Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship application process. This involved registering your interest online, having your acceptance to the Cranfield MBA programme, filling out the application form and writing a 1 page document about why you were the best candidate to win the scholarship. For more information:

I was very excited to be called up for an interview. I was interviewed by several Cranfield alumni from around Australia, some via phone, some in person and I was also inerviwed by an independent corporate recruitment company. I then waited 1 whole week before I got the phobe call to tell who had won the scholarship. It was me!! I was the winner of the Cranfield scholarship. I recievced the call from Alex (Alex Chapman is the President of the Cranfield Australiamn Alumni) on my mobile while I was as work and so I had to contain my excitement untill I was out of the building. I was over the moon! Cranfield is one of the best business schools in the world and I was going to live and study there and someone else was going to help me pay for it! Wooo hoo is all I could say!!

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