Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weeks 8 to 11 - END OF TERM 1!

So I had to go over to Boston for a few days (5 days) but I didn't want to miss any lectures... oh, what to do! Skype in! I discussed with the lectures and attended the lectures remotely, over Skype - it was a bit noisy at first (and my microphone wasn't working) but I got what I needed from attending the lectures from the other side of the North Atlantic.

Some of my classmates took a couple of pictures of my experiment ; Mihou place his laptop on the desk at my original seat, so it was just like being there - almost!

Once I got back, it was crazy! We had our second WAC and the revisions for the final exams started! The exams came and went - lots of studying and group discussions - and we were finaly on holidays for a couple of weeks!

Hello Christmas break! : - )

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