Thursday, May 7, 2009

Term 3

Since I last updated this blog, I have started Term 3 and have landed an independent consulting project (which counts towards credits for the MBA). Part II of the MBA - terms 3 & 4 - is quite different from Part I - terms 1 & 2; you no longer have fixed learning teams (you have to find your own!) the workload is somewhat lighter and the real job hunting really starts!
At the very beginning of term 3, a number of companies came on Campus to participate in the SoM's careers and recruitment fair. It was a great day, since it gave us some hope that companies are indeed hiring, even though the current economic situation is a mess... I suppose they need people to help them fix some of this mess!
The funds from the various countries' stimulus packages are also starting to flow, allowing a number of companies to start planning for the near future. There's even talk of a management consulting 'gold rush' once all this money rolls out (firms and groups of people will need guidance and advice on how to best use their stimulus slice...) We'll see.


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