Sunday, March 15, 2009

Near the end... of the first half!

We are quickly approaching the end of Term 2, which means we are nearly halfway through the Cranfield MBA!

We are starting week 10 now, the next to last week of the term - exams are just around the corner... This term we've had two more WACs, one for Finance and another for Macroeconomics! They were challenging but also very interesting. This year in particular the SoM has changed the theme of the Macroeconomics WAC to match our IBE destinations, which makes good sense if you ask me. We also went through the biggest snow fall in 18 years so we ended up having a couple of 'snow days', since lectures and admin staff could not get to Cranfield.

I have got to get back to my studies now, but I'll update this blog again in a couple of weeks.
Green Stream - Term 2 - MBA 2009

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